About Carolyn

 Carolyn Busa is a lively standup comedian who wears dead grandmothers’ dresses. She has lived in Brooklyn for 4 years, but is as wide-eyed as the day she left her small town in South Jersey. 

People have described Carolyn as “nerdy” and “old-fashioned,” and it really turns her on. It’s not uncommon for her to use the phrases “geez louise,” and “tie me up” in the same sentence. Carolyn’s disarming comedy is a reflection of her newfound confidence in herself, her style, and most importantly, her sexuality. Her goal is to make you blush, laugh, have a threesome, and maybe even tell your parents about it.

Carolyn has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, and appeared multiple times at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. She's also super proud of her one and only TV performance on Good Day New York.

Carolyn is the creator of Side Ponytail, a weekly comedy show at Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights, Brooklyn named a Time Out NY Critics' Pick. She also writes, edits and performs in Sexually Speaking, a variety web series, highlighting the poignant moments of her sexual exploration. 


photo by Mindy Tucker

photo by Mindy Tucker