Staying Fit Through Jury Duty / by Carolyn Busa

If you follow me on my other social media sites, you know that I have spent a great deal of time in jury duty. What many people don’t realize is the rigorous workout jurors are put through as they do their civic duty. Every day I am burning calories with justice!

That is why I have put together a few simple exercises for jurors to practice on their days off from jury duty. Don’t worry. Even if you’ve never served on a case, you can still follow these easy steps!

Going Through the Metal Detector
In this exercise, we work out our upper arms as we raise them over our head as we walk through the metal detector. We don’t want that beeping (or heart rate!) to go crazy, so remember to breathe and don’t work yourself too hard in this warm-up exercise:

1. Position your hands in front of you and clasp. 


2. While clasped, raise your arms in front of your chest and breathe in.

3. Raise completely over your head while you exhale. Repeat as necessary.

Question / Answer
It’s important to keep the neck loose when you are a juror. There’s going to be a lot of looking at the lawyers as they question and then to the witness when they answer. Think tennis match.

1. Start with your head facing forward, back straight, hands in lap.

2. Turn to face the lawyer. Listen.

3. Turn to face the witness. Listen. 

3. If needed, turn and face the lawyer again if he asks more than one question.

Order in the Court
There are going to be moments as a juror when the judge says ‘Order!’ or the witness starts crying or something else out of the ordinary. You are going to be tempted to giggle. This simple exercise works your facial muscles and your arms as you try to hide the fact that you find the situation funny.

1. Open your eyes wide when you discover you might laugh.

2. Similar to the metal detector exercise, cup your hands in preparation to cover your mouth.

3. Cover your mouth.

4. Without making it obvious, turn your head so it faces away from the judge. We don’t want to get caught laughing. Jury duty is serious stuff!

Breaking for Recess
In the court system, recess doesn’t refer to a slide or jungle gym. Recess means a break. During your time as a juror, you’re going to break for recess more than once throughout the day. It can be short or long.

1. Once again, start with your head forward and hands in lap.

2. Stand up. In a real life jury situation, only stand when you are told. If you are doing this at home, go at your own speed.

3. Slowly turn.

4. Take a step forward.

5. Continue until you have fully exited.

There you have it! Practice these two times a day and soon enough you’ll be in shape to serve. If you are preparing for a case that’s set to last for more than a week, increase the reps as you see fit.

Happy Juror-ing!