Not-So-Famous Comedian Feels Intense Guilt About Skipping Kabin Because She’s Too Cold / by Carolyn Busa

Carolyn Busa, 29 year old, not-so-famous comedian, considers herself a reliable woman. She phones her family on a weekly basis, she sticks to her daily writing routine, she even makes and keeps brunch plans. So when Thursday morning came around and she opened her schedule to see in all caps ‘KABIN’ written in for February 19th, she was very excited. Every week Carolyn looks forward to attending New York City’s acclaimed, Thursday night comedy show, Comedy as a Second Language at East Village hot spot, Kabin. It’s a place to see great comedy, it’s also a place to be seen. She had every intention of going.

And then she stepped outside. 

Around 7:40pm, Carolyn decided to attend an open mic in Brooklyn before heading to Manhattan. The mic was close to her apartment but even as she made the quick walk over, she felt a change take place inside of her.  

“I was so cold.”

Carolyn describes her brief moments outside as 'grueling’ and 'awful.’ She said as soon as she arrived at the mic and started to warm up, she knew going back into that cold was going to be one of the hardest decisions she’d ever have to make. 

“I kept thinking, 'Carolyn, you made a promise to yourself, to Scotland Green. You need to get your ass out there.’ But the thought of walking from the train to the bar, and who knows what the train situation would be later on, it really scared me. I was so close to my home. My dog.”

From about 9:07pm-9:45pm, phone records show Carolyn texting a few friends asking if they still planned to attend the show. Some responses were positive. Others didn’t respond at all.  

“It’s hard when you’re trying to make a name for yourself here in New York and you can’t feel your fingers. It’s like, 'Shit, I know I’m funny but I just don’t have it in me tonight.’”

Carolyn left the open mic and with great guilt went home to her heated apartment. 

“Hey, at least I got to work on my new porn bit.”