Saying Yes to Stories / by Carolyn Busa

Four years ago, Hillary Rea put me on her first Tell Me a Story show at Shot Tower Coffee in Philadelphia. I was nervous because I never told a story on stage. I only told jokes. Despite my fear, I agreed to do the show.

Storytelling, which is still very scary for me, is exciting because it is very real. As a comedian, I am broken down, forced to find the story and not the punchline. 

I was so happy that she asked me to perform on her fourth anniversary show, partly because I still had the same outfit I wore four years prior, but also because it gave me another reason to ‘say yes’! 

My story, which was inspired by my ‘say yes’ phase, is about a recent trip to Graceland. Thank you again to Hillary Rea, Shot Tower Coffee, and Bob Sweeney for filming. 

And a BIG thank you to my genes for keeping my body the same shape for the past four years.