Friends Extras / by Carolyn Busa

This is a very special Friends Extras for many reasons. 1) The extra has a name and 2) this extra is a redhead. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet…oh man, Gert: 

Really, Friends? You made the poor redhead named Gert?? I mean okay, I laughed, but that is just rude. Poor Gert. With her slightly overweight body and fiery red hair, she is destined to be thrown to the wolves. And she is! You see, Ross is trying to impress sexy Mona by letting children dance with him. Just when he thinks he can finally dance with Mona, GERT comes thundering by. 

Ross, being the gentleman he is, lets her stand on his feet and dance but not without wincing in pain. I highly doubt it’s that painful. He’s at a wedding. He’s got to be wearing sturdy shoes. RELAX ROSS, you puss.

I always wonder how this poor extra was cast. “Hey, we need an overweight, redhead that has a drawer full of mini butterfly clips. We got smelly stickers.”

I wanted to give this extra an identity and with a quick Google search found her name is Rachel Snow. Awwww. Rachel Snow. That’s a lovely name for a lovely individual. I bet she went on to do big things like, ::scrolls:: Hope Floats! Wow, she worked with Sandra Bullock! Very cool! Her character’s name was…oh my…Big Delores?? Ok, let’s keep looking…::scrolls:: Curb Your Enthusiasm!! One of my favorites! Her name is Melanie Tyler. Normal name.And she plays the piano…uh oh…very poorly. Oh no, and she beats up Larry! This girl cannot catch an extra break! Keep scrolling, keep scrolling, ok here we go, Lizzie McGuire. Her character name is questionable, Veruca, but let’s give the show the benefit of the doubt. I wonder what her character looked like….