Lucky Charms? / by Carolyn Busa

We all remember my mother’s famous Nativity scene over December, right? Well, Christmas isn’t the only holiday my mom goes all out. We have boxes in our attic filled with figurines appropriately organized by holiday and material (Glass Easter Eggs vs Plastic Easter Eggs).

On my last visit home I was so happy to see the house fully decorated for this week’s St. Patrick’s Day. Irish, we are not, but that will never stop my mom from making the house look like the other side of the rainbow. And wow. If you thought everyone in Bethlehem was on drugs then everyone on the other side of the rainbow are the ones supplying the drugs:

I love the dress. LOVE the hair. But this lil lady is seeing and feeling things that we are not. Here’s a more realistic view of how she’s feeling: 

This guy is also three sheets to the wind. Can’t stand. His eyes are bloodshot. And it looks like he’s about to take a leak on that ‘mushroom.’

Uh oh. Looks like someone is trying to impress Smurf leprechaun.  ‘Be cool. Just casually cross your legs and shoot him those famous eyes of yours.’


And lastly, my favorite of the bunch, Lil’ Horny Lucky. GET IT!!!!!