More Friends Extras / by Carolyn Busa

Today I focus on a great extra I found in season 5, episode 24 of Friends. You know, the Vegas episode?

Let me first point out that in this scene we have Monica winning lots of money and everyone rooting her on. This makes for some magnificent facial expressions by the some of dumpiest extras I’ve ever seen. But I was really impressed by this particular extra because of his multitude of expressions. We get our first good look at him here:

Wow. Intense. Is he mad at the scene in front of him? Or is he mad he got passed for the part of Joey?

Now he’s a little less angry a little more concerned. See how high his hair is? That’s how concerned he is!!

And finally…

Monica and Chandler decide they may get married and all of a sudden this guy starts to get the itchies. Looks like this extra is allergic to commitment!!

Great work, man. Great work.