Speak About the Peak! / by Carolyn Busa

Before I turned 30, my older sister warned me, “Be prepared. Your 30’s are when women sexually peak.” I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that but in my head I thought to myself “Gosh, I hope it happens on a 3-day weekend!”

I spent the last few weeks as a 29-year old with so many questions about how and when my journey into sexual peaking would begin. I already had a thing for traffic cops, how much crazier could it get? Would I wake up one day and also be attracted to train conductors? Did I need to start packing extra pairs of underwear? Or would sexually peaking be like when a woman’s water breaks: Quick! Get that woman to a dick!*

While men usually experience higher levels of sexual desire at a much younger age, women experience this later in life when we have fully developed imaginations that let our brains run wild with erotic thoughts. For us, this process is so much more than a boner in history class. We can’t put a notebook over our ‘peak’ and run to the bathroom. For us, peaking is a way of life.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the start of a woman’s peak is not as in-your-face as the start of a woman’s menstrual cycle. So while l can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened, I can say celebrating my 30th birthday at a Peaches concert involving a giant blow-up dick and backup dancers dressed as vaginas definitely sped things along…and they haven’t slowed since.

It’s not just one thing. When you’re sexually peaking you’re happy. You like looking at yourself naked. A lot. You have sex because you want to. You have sex because you need to. You are confident. You are curious. You are confidently curious. And, yes, oh yes, you are very horny.

But I have to be careful. This is a whole new level or horniness. What was harmless before, now triggers responses so intense I may have to start working from home so I can rub one out during conference calls. Already I had to stop eating macaroni and cheese in public because the mix of pasta, cheese and breadcrumbs now ignites a fire in me so strong I’m contemplating going vegan. I browse farmer’s markets speeding past the berries and heading straight to the sweat-inducing root vegetables. I had to start riding the bus because the hard steel of the subway turnstiles is at an all too perfect height of pleasure. And boy oh boy, don’t get me started on elevators!

Let’s be clear, no two journeys of a sexually peaking woman are alike. But I hope by sharing my journey, women of all peaking levels and talents are inspired more and more to speak about the peak.

*It’s that one. ;)