FRIENDS EXTRAS - The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant / by Carolyn Busa

At first I thought I would choose one of these goofballs:

The guy in the pink shirt for obvious mullet reasons or the guy on the payphone who I'm pretty sure is staring straight at the camera. However, when the camera turned to this other angle of Central Perk, I was taken aback by this blonde beauty: 

He is an image of classic beauty. His hair is perfect, great bone structure, and wow, what a smile.

I waited in anticipation to see who was lucky enough to sit across from him at Central Perk on this glorious day enjoying the article about...


...some sort of food contamination, maybe? Ok, so the article wasn't exciting or sexy but whomever was sitting across from him had to be a model or a sexy woman in a business suit or... elderly black woman? Wow, ok. Central Perk patrons never cease to amaze me with their diversity of friendships. Plus, she's not just quietly sipping coffee. She's giving it to him! Look at that hand!

Personally, I was seriously impressed by this pair. But, you know who wasn't?