Here's What Cereal To Eat As You Watch The Royal Wedding / by Carolyn Busa

Watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow? DUH. OF COURSE YOU ARE. LOVE IS ALIVE AND FINALLY BALDING AND MIXED-RACE AND AMAZING. You got your Beatles ringtone alarm set for 5AM and your Big Ben pajamas are laid out on your bed (shout-out to Mom for not giving them away when you told her to!). However, there is one thing missing: a royal breakfast!

I got you covered! After living through a handful of royal weddings myself (and a few funerals), I've narrowed down the top 5 cereals that pair best with ceremonies you have nothing to do with. Grab your wallet and head to the nearest grocery store (or bodega you hip, city things).  You're gonna wanna stock up!

I mean, need I say more? This light but filling cereal will have you cheerio and pip pip-in' all the way through nuptials! 

Lucky Charms
Meghan found her lucky charm - time to find yours! And of course a stomachache 45 minutes later cause something's up with those marshmallows. 

This cereal looks like it tastes boring as hell! Kinda like wedding ceremonies!

Kid-tested, grand-mum approved (but probably not cause Queen Elizabeth seems like a bitch, right?)!

It's what Diana would've wanted.*


*OMG. Who am I? I hate myself. I'm sorry.